August 1st, 2014

new hippy

Another infrequent update

Playing Payday 2 these days.

Deb still using the Mac. I'd been using Starr's old black Mac but finally tried to get the Thinkpad fixed, failed, bought a used one (in pretty good condition!) on eBay, swapped a few parts around (the webcam was broken and there was no Bluetooth and mine had 8GB RAM), got a SSD drive (dropped the damn thing 5 minutes into a trip to Fallon and nuked the hard drive), and generally have managed to migrate back to it. The black Mac is sitting alone running some maintenance tasks on a power supply (and an old battery), I gave the good one to Deb. (So she now has a black battery for her white Mac. How... diverse!)

Actually the replacement Thinkpad had a few differences, including an i3 (better!) instead of the Phenom and a different style top cover, but I'm using the old battery (extra capacity and almost new) and I now have 3 power supplies. So it's not a real powerhouse but it holds its own for ordinary tasks and runs Windows 7 just fine and I've got my old drive set up as an external for now. Plus I have spare parts, up to and including a working spare display. Theoretically, from what I've seen, I should be able to upgrade to an i7, but it's only a 2-core part (I thought all i7s were 4-core with hyperthreading? WTF?) but again, the i3 seems fine.

I find that I cannot post replies on my friends' journals. How annoying.
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new hippy

But WTF is it?

I hate it when I see somebody mention an application or product that will apparently produce miracles, but when I visit their web site all I see is a lot of gushing about how great it is and lots about recent updates and not a damned thing about what the product does. Really... is the market already saturated, so you don't need any more customers?

Still not sure what it is. If the front page and the FAQ page don't enlighten me, I'm afraid I've just run out of patience.
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