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It Was Time For A Change Anyway

[Edited per recommendations.]

Dear Proctor & Gamble:

I've been using your Aussie brand moisturizing shampoo for a number of years now, perhaps more than a decade. It's hard to find shampoo that leaves my hair the way I like it. It's not the cheapest shampoo around, and my wife has been known to grumble about the cost, but it's been worth it to me.

Unfortunately your recent reformulation has an added scent. That doesn't bother me (much) but it has been triggering my wife's asthma.

We live with another couple, one of whom also has asthma. It may have been affecting him too.

I'm starting to suspect it may be what has been making my eyes itch for the last few days.

I'm afraid I cannot use your shampoo any more. Thank you for making an excellent shampoo for many years. I'm sorry I will no longer be able to use it.


Jeffrey J. Nonken


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