jnork (jnork) wrote,

Life just keeps going on

Let's see.

I did fix the MacBook because my daughter needed a laptop. Did cost about $400 as predicted. Still worth it. Ended up being an upgrade, too; the old one was a Core Duo, but the new one is a Core 2 Duo. I can run Lion on it, but no further, but I can also upgrade the RAM to 4GB (it can really only use about 3.3GB). I expect to upgrade the RAM first, then the OS.

Starr gave me her old black MacBook about 2 years ago. I was using the Lenovo almost as a desktop -- better performance for my games than my old P4 desktop -- so I used the Mac as my primary laptop. When I upgraded my desktop I switched over and gave the Mac to Silkensteel. ...Then the Lenovo died, and I still hope to fix it, but I got the BlackMac back from Silkensteel (she wasn't using it anyway) and breathed life back into it. Same upgrade comments as Deb's MacBook except that I didn't have to break it and upgrade the motherboard. :)

I got an iPhone. Not because I wanted an iPhone, but because my old Blackberry wasn't cutting it, I needed something newer, and one of my favorite overstock/refurb/whatever discount sites (IceMonkey, in case you're interested) was selling these for $100. (All the Android phones they sell -- ALL of them that I've seen, or very nearly -- are for the Verizon network. I'm on AT&T at the moment (via Red Pocket), so the iPhone 3GS 8GB was the first that showed up that I could use.) Works OK, has issues with the charging cables (I guess I could buy a real Apple charger but for now I have a real Apple charge cable and my MacBook and that USUALLY works) and battery life, and it's a bit old, but it does the job. Helped fill the gap wonderfully between losing the Lenovo and getting the BlackMac back. I got one for my daughter a few months later when they carried it again, though she got the 16GB model. We're both happier.

I don't like AT&T as a company, I'm only on their network because I ended up on Red Pocket when T-Mobile pissed me off enough to leave them. And then a mere few months later T-Mobile started doing some really good stuff. They could have kept me as a customer with a lot less work, but here we are. Fortunately I did NOT swear never to go back, as I really like some of what they're doing, and I just may consider looking at their offerings again. Once the sting wears off. Meantime Red Pocket is serving my needs and my daughter's. Mostly.

Right pinky: Nearly 100% use in the finger, except the strength. I don't notice except on rare occasions. The muscle used to ache once in a while, probably because I was using it and (mostly subconsciously) occasionally deliberately exercising it, but that's stopped too. I still do that, though.

But strong or not, I've got my finger back.

Playing Borderlands 2 these days. Doing my usual trick, which is to play it forever until I either completely burn out (hasn't happened yet) or something else comes along and I jump ship. My friend The Bob might have lured me into Sanctum 2 if he'd told me about that $4 sale before it ended. I'm still giving him a hard time about that... My daughter gave me this after she got back from SacAnime this year.

Gotta run.

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