jnork (jnork) wrote,

Another infrequent update

Playing Payday 2 these days.

Deb still using the Mac. I'd been using Starr's old black Mac but finally tried to get the Thinkpad fixed, failed, bought a used one (in pretty good condition!) on eBay, swapped a few parts around (the webcam was broken and there was no Bluetooth and mine had 8GB RAM), got a SSD drive (dropped the damn thing 5 minutes into a trip to Fallon and nuked the hard drive), and generally have managed to migrate back to it. The black Mac is sitting alone running some maintenance tasks on a power supply (and an old battery), I gave the good one to Deb. (So she now has a black battery for her white Mac. How... diverse!)

Actually the replacement Thinkpad had a few differences, including an i3 (better!) instead of the Phenom and a different style top cover, but I'm using the old battery (extra capacity and almost new) and I now have 3 power supplies. So it's not a real powerhouse but it holds its own for ordinary tasks and runs Windows 7 just fine and I've got my old drive set up as an external for now. Plus I have spare parts, up to and including a working spare display. Theoretically, from what I've seen, I should be able to upgrade to an i7, but it's only a 2-core part (I thought all i7s were 4-core with hyperthreading? WTF?) but again, the i3 seems fine.

I find that I cannot post replies on my friends' journals. How annoying.

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