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Happy Birthday Fiorebrilliante!   
08:36am 28/01/2009
  Mostly I've been ignoring the birthday alerts but I had to say something this time. Problem is that the alerts come a few days early, and by the time they actually happen I've forgotten. So, an early Happy Birthday to you, K. Be well.  
New O'Reilly book   
10:48am 27/12/2008
mood: amused
Spy And News Trafficking Association   
10:11am 25/12/2008
mood: amused
Department of Homeland Lunacy   
09:53am 01/12/2008
mood: infuriated
"Note that she had absolutely no way of identifying me, to know that I wasn't a terrorist just paying her $30 so I could get a dreaded Pennsylvania drivers license to use as an ID for whatever nefarious purposes I might have in mind. She just took down the credit card number and bingo, I'm cleared to go. The New York DMV, happy with its little act of extortion, is now notifying the National Driver Register computer that I'm clear, and next week, Pennsylvania's DMV will find my record on the National Driver Register clean and will be ready to renew my license."

Department of Homeland Lunacy
Sex education: why the British should go Dutch   
09:26am 01/12/2008
mood: cynical
"Sex is everywhere in the Netherlands, yet the country has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the West and the lowest rates of sexually transmitted diseases among young people. Now Britain, with almost the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe - five times higher than the Netherlands - wants to emulate its success. "

Britain's Schools Minister plans to introduce sex lessons for five-year-olds.

Now how about the US?
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How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you   
09:42am 15/11/2008
mood: amused
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One reason why universal ID is a Bad Idea   
08:14pm 13/11/2008
Times Square Ball   
07:36pm 11/11/2008
  Latest Times Square ball to mark more than New Year's eve

For any who don't know, I wrote the firmware for last year's Times Square Ball. The code has been modified this year but I believe it is still partly my code driving the new one.

Picture of the old one here.
Iowa: How the vote was won   
09:14pm 10/11/2008
  The view from the front line

I rather like this story.
Sez it all, dunnit?   
08:05pm 09/11/2008
"I didn't vote for Obama"   
06:13pm 06/11/2008
09:17pm 05/11/2008
  That was a great concession speech. I was almost in tears. Well, it was an emotional moment anyway, so I was susceptible, but it was gracious and positive and the one thing I thought sucked big rocks was the morons in the audience who were BOOING.

Every time he mentioned Obama or Biden we heard boos from the audience.

Hey, I've got a great idea. With the world and the country in the shape it's in, let's start our new president off by BOOING HIM.

What a bunch of losers.

Here, here's some Mark Morford to make you feel better.

One hell of a speech, Mr. McCain.
Sorry, is marriage in danger? I didn't realize   
08:23pm 03/11/2008
mood: angry
Copy this sentence into your LiveJournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage/relationship (or if you think you might be someday), and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.
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08:14pm 03/11/2008
mood: uncomfortable
"If you manage to steal this election, too, we've decided we're leaving. ... To sum up briefly: You get Texas , Oklahoma and all the slave states. We get stem cell research and the best beaches. ... Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22% lower than the Christian Coalition's, we get a bunch of happy families. You get a bunch of single moms."

It's racism and homophobia, neck and neck, down to the wire. Can they hang on?

Reports of fraud, intimidation tactics, and other fun election-time gamesCollapse )
Michael Palin for President   
01:07pm 13/09/2008
New job, first day   
08:06pm 04/08/2008
mood: cheerful
Not much to tell. Lots of detail, not much of interest. They had me hang out while training a customer, so I got to see how some of the guts went together, and got to sit in the navigator's seat while he "flew".

He made a remark about his flying, but I pointed out that a) unlike a real plane, this one has a respawn and b) we're OK as long as we don't see Bruce Willis on the runway.

Installed Subversion (version control system) on their Windows server but didn't get it working. I blame McAfee. (I got it working on my laptop without any trouble.)

Learned a lot of stuff. A lot of it went over my head, I just listened and tried to absorb and integrate information.

The next few days promise to be... interesting. There's a lot to absorb all at once.

So far everybody seems to be pretty cool.

Fun Stuff   
09:13am 30/07/2008
  I am now employed, though at a lower salary than I'd prefer.

But I am employed as a firmware engineer.

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Microsoft rant ahead   
04:51pm 14/07/2008
mood: aggravated
So I dig out the USB cable for my digital camera -- usually I actually remove the card and read the pictures from there -- and plug it into my Apple running OS X.

It says, "Hey, it's a camera!" and runs iPhoto. iPhoto talks to the camera and shows me the pictures it's got and gives me two buttons that say "Import" and "Import All". I hit the latter and it sucks all the photos down and asks if I want to delete the originals. I say no and disconnect.

I plug my camera into my PC running Windows XP. It says "New hardware found -- Olympus C3030Z" and asks if I want to connect to the Internet for the drivers. I say sure, just this once, and it can't find any and gives up.

Next I plug the camera into a PC laptop running Ubuntu Linux. It says, "Hey, it's a camera!" and asks if I want to import the photos. I say yes, and it brings up an appropriate program. I unplug before it's finished because I just wanted to see what it would do.

Then I run a copy of Vista Super Duper Ultimate Deity version on a virtual box and plug the camera in.

Guess what it said? Same as the XP box, took 5 times as long not to find the drivers on the Internet, and at the end told me to insert the driver disc that came with the camera. TOLD me, in a peremptory tone like I was a servant. I said "What did your last slave die of?" and clicked Cancel.

I mean, really, this is totally pathetic. The protocol for talking to cameras has been standard for years. Linux and OS X know how to cope out of the box, why can't Windows? The latest, greatest, most perfect version of the best operating system in the world can't talk to a blessed camera without loading special drivers.

OK, scanners, OK, displays, custom drivers, sure. Printers, well, I've already done a rant about printers. But a camera? Come ON.

Sorry, I just can't be pissed to make a storage space run and dig around in the heat for half an hour just to find the driver disc -- and utility, Windows won't have that either -- to import photos from the camera for poor little helpless Windows.
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Vagina Hero: First Look   
11:29am 14/07/2008
mood: amused
Probably NSFW.

Sales Guy vs. Web Dude   
01:38pm 12/07/2008
mood: amused
The Website is Down