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Demented Ramblings of a Mad Genius

(or maybe not such a genius)

12 January
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Best contact me by email if you add me to your IM buddy list. I have my client set to ignore anybody not in my buddy list.

If you're already a friend in some other venue, feel free to add me to your friends list. If it's not blindingly obvious who you are -- like, if you're using a different nick -- or if I've not seen you in a while, you might want to send a reminder by email.

Born and raised in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Embedded systems software engineer. Married, father of two girls.

I am arrogant and pedantic. I like to think I'm friendly but lately I seem to be better at alienating people than making friends. I like cats. Dogs are OK but I'm not into hero worship. I need to spend more time with my kids. I've been out of work since March 2003. I can't seem to pull out of this depression. My self-esteem is in shreds and deteriorating. I do not take recreational drugs. Period. Never did. Period. But while I'm proud of it, I'm not judgemental about it, it's a personal choice. I do sometimes take St. John's Wort to even out my moods. I take analgesics and antihistimines and prescribed drugs, I'm not a fanatic.

I've stopped eating refined sweeteners (cane sugar, high-fructose corn syrup) almost entirely as well as improving the quality of my carbs; check My Memories under "Sugar Blues" if you're intereted in details. I'm overweight but the diet change is helping. I need more exercise. I need more sleep. I need more sex.

I'm not sure but I might be an INFP personality. Every time I take one of the online tests it comes up with something different, like ESTJ. Either I'm fooling my self or engaging in some wishful thinking somewhere. But this INFP description is partway to convincing me. When playing D&D (rarely and it's been a while) I prefer chaotic good characters. I can't seem to get into anything else. I'm an intuitive thinker and analytical -- I constantly analyze everything. Since I express my thinking in a structured order I sometimes fool people into believing I'm a logical thinker, but it's just not so. I see patterns and I often think in a sort of representative or schematic visual way. I can tolerate a certain amount of tedium but generally can't stand repetitive work. I dislike household chores and need extra stimulus; I often will play a familiar movie so I can hear it, and watch it in my head while I do housework. But I cannot really focus on more than one thing at a time, and I'm easily distracted. I tend to burn out tea pots, so I get electric kettles with automatic shutoff. I recently boiled the same ceramic-coated iron pot dry three times in a row and had to replace another one I'd ruined.

My favorite type of humour is irony mixed with silliness. I like puns. I tend to be visually oriented. My hearing is excellent but I have trouble filtering, so I have more trouble than most understanding speech in a noisy environment. Yet I've been known to pick out subtle sounds in an aural maelstrom. I am right-handed but not as strongly as many people. My left eye is dominant. I am near-sighted and wear glasses, except to read, as my near focus has been deteriorating, though not yet to the point where it requires correction. I mostly read science fiction and fantasy, occasionally enjoy the odd mystery. I tend to like female authors (currently Tanya Huff, Lois McMaster Bujold, Elizabeth Moon; also Anne McCaffrey and Andre [Alice Mary] Norton, to name a few) and prefer strong female characters (e.g. Honor Harrington, Cordelia Vorkosigan, Victoria "Victory" Nelson). Lately I've been enjoying military science fiction, I like action/adventure, but I also have a history of enjoying humanist stories ("The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert A. Heinlein and "The Last Planet" by Andre Norton are probably my all-time favorites). Before my father sucked me into science fiction I read animal stories, mostly dog stories, mostly Albert Payson Terhune. The first SF story I ever read was "Lord of Thunder" by Andre Norton. I still have it. Dad suggested it because it had animals. He would have done better with "Catseye" but hey, it worked. I still have "Catseye" too.

I am heterosexual but queer-friendly. I'm polyamorous but currently alone. I'm mildly kinky but rarely get a chance to indulge. My biggest turn-on is satisfying my partner. But if you're a size queen, don't bother looking here. I'm tactless but sincere. I prefer wide hips, generous thighs, and plump derrieres, but they are not requirements. Race is not an issue. Skin color is not an issue. Other signs of physical maturity (like body hair -- don't shave your legs or your armpits on my account) are not an issue. I prefer minimum or no makeup. I prefer natural body scents. I prefer strong women -- not dominant per se, but definitely not submissive; I prefer an equal. I'm a top/bottom switch. I prefer intelligence and a sense of humour. I prefer honesty and sincerity. I react badly to emotional manipulation. I am not a particularly romantic figure; don't expect Cassanova, Don Juan, James Bond. I am more Ned than Warren, more Norm than Sam (though perhaps not quite either extreme).

Since LiveJournal does not provide a method for linking entries, I have use my Memories extensively to associate certain entries into threads. In a few cases I have also manually provided links between related entries, but I don't do that much, it's a lot of work.

I created a web page of my favorite online comics here. I made it for my own convenience but I'm happy to share it. Maybe you'll find a new one you'll like.
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My blogger code is B5 d++ t- k- s-- u-- f- i- o x+ e l c+. Decode it here.

Proud Member of the Reality-Based Community.

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In case of emergency, my contact information, description, next of kin, etc. are given in this entry dated 2003/11/01. This journal entry is currently set private, only I and LJ administrators can access it (I will probably add some friends later in a custom filter). I hereby give full and complete permission for any LiveJournal administrator or any LiveJournal user on that filter to access and use this information to ensure my safety or search for me if I am missing. Please see this entry for why I've done this. I can't imagine any circumstances under which it would be needed, but if they ever happen, I won't have the ability then to create the entry.